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Information about our practice and the corona epidemic

Corona measures

Summary of the measures which are in place in our practice from this moment on:

  • If you need to come to the practice please always call us in advance.

  • Everybody who has symptoms which could be related to the Corona virus will not be examined anymore in our practice. If you have symptoms possibly related to the Corona virus and you need to be seen by a GP, we will send you to the special GP-Corona ward in the hospital (Spaarne Gasthuis) or we will make a house call. In this way we try to keep our practice corona free.

  • Untill further notice all our GP’s and practice nurses will do their work wearing a surgical mask (and proctected by a transparent acrylic glass screen when sitting behind a desk). The same counts for the assistants when they need to see you personally.

  • Also other employees like ms. P. Hartman, practice nurse mental problems (POH-GGZ) or ms. E. Langeler, practice nurse children and youth (POH-Jeugd) will do their work protected by a transparent acrylic glass screen.

  • We try to clean the practice (door handles, tables, etc) as often as possible.

  • We have adapted our surgery agenda in such way that the amount of people waiting in our waiting room is limited. Try to come alone as much as possible. If this is not possible please do not bring more than one accompanying person.

  • Untill further notice it is not allowed to wait standing in our hallways.

  • Try to avoid standing in front of the assistants desk as much as possible. By example if you need to make an appointment after seeing one of our GP’s please call our assistant instead of arranging this by going over to her desk in the hallway.

  • Medical problems for which it is not necessary that you actually see the GP personally we will continue doing by phone.


For more general information about the corona virus please go to the website of the RIVM

For specific question about the virus in relation to your personal health, please call our practice.

Information (English)

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General Practitioners




mr. R.G. Naarden, MD, GP   Mo, Tue and Thu
ms. M. Timmermans, MD, GP   Wed and Fri
mr. J. Schimmer, MD, GP(in training)   Mo, Tue, Wed and Fri

Practice Nurses

ms. S. van Straaten, practice nurse physical health   Mon, Thu and Fri
ms. P. Hartman, practice nurse mental health   Thursday
ms. E. Langeler, practice nurse children and youth   Monday afternoon

Practice Assistants

ms. M. Meeter   Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu
ms. M. Blok   Mon, Tue and Fri
ms. L. de Vries   Friday
ms. R. Monincx    Mon, Wed and Thu

Practice Manager

ms. A. Blokhuis   Tue-morning, Fri-afternoon